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​Madison 101 came about as a collective of inspired, experienced and passionate professionals who sought out a place without pretense where they could be creative, have fun and perfect their craft. Madison 101 is not one person’s vision but the realization of a group of artists that strive for that perfect salon experience based on their clients needs coupled with their expertise.​

As a result, Madison 101 was voted runner-up for best salon in Pasadena in the Pasadena Weekly. Their work has been featured in numerous publications such as Elle, on the runway at Smashbox studios and around town. They are a hip salon without all the attitude, because they know they are nothing without their clients.

Our Studio is located inside a charming 1920's Bungalow

situated in the heart of Pasadena on Marengo Ave.

Open Monday - Saturday, by Appointment only.

Take a virtual Tour of the Studio

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